Strength of Procast Agency


To meet demands of Japanese enterprises advancing into Cambodia and local companies, our workforces have been mastered Japanese language and Japanese manner and culture. All our Japanese language teachers are of course pure Japanese so we can provide proper Japanese language education, which enables to offer high quality human resources.


We have tied up exclusive MOU contract with established universities in Cambodia so that we can find high-level human resources in the early stage. We can provide high spec workforces to not only Japanese companies in Cambodia but also to Cambodian domestic large firms.


A key point of human resource service is to secure high-grade workforces and provide them to companies which eagerly need them. We have built up strong know-how to secure workforces in Japan. Using this experiences, we are now making a large-scaled job matching site system for companies and job seekers,

which is going to be completed in September. Also we intend to make the site expand into ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Singapore Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam and we would like to engage in staffing service around Asia. Gradually announcing universities, the enrollment number will be prospected about 1000 with its launch.

Industry Type

sales support assistant  marketing  retails  transportation/logistics /manufacturing  sales
food related media  construction  engineering  medical related etc


Order Steps

We explain our steps from introduction to recruitment.Please contact us about any questions for agreement details.


1.Please contact us by phone or E-mail.

2.A person in charge visit your office and ask detail.

3.We choose appropriate personnel based on the detail. We arrange an interview with candidates chosen from our personnel.
※Execution of usage contract is needed before an actual interview.

4.After the interview, you choose which person you would like to hire, then go through the procedure of joining your company.
※In case no candidates are to be hired, we start over .
※We sometimes use Skype or Web camera when a candidate is Japanese and lives in Japan.


  • 2 months of gross salary and allowances+VAT7%
  • A half fee (1 month) is needed to pay after 1month of entering a company and remaining fee (1 month) is needed after 3months.
  • ※Please check our contract for details