Customer service

Contact number NO.2016052716-C

Industry Typesupport assistant
Job TypeGeneral Bussiness service,Administration
Applicant eligibilityFresh GraduateBA
募集背景Business Expnasion
Employment statusfull-time
Work PlacePhnom Penh
Work Hours8:00am- 5:00pm
Payment200$ up
Holiday/Days Off Saturday and Sunday

※This is just an example of a number of our stocks.

Industry Type

ITengineeringsupport assistantmarketingretailstransportation/logistics /manufacturingsalesfood relatedconstructionothers

Job Type

Work Place

Other AreasPhnom Penh

Payment Condition

New / Urgent


Free Word


Here is a flow from a registration to finding an ideal job.


1.Please register on internet or phone.

2.We ask your conditions and experiences
(Counseling : Other than E-mail or phone call, a person in charge from our Japanese office may ask you in person)
※Some jobs such as translators and drivers may need simple language test(English / Japanese).

3.We provide job-opening information which meets your conditions.

4.Those who has will to apply has first interview with a local staff then arrange an appointment of second interview with the company.
(Interviews are with Skype or WEB camera.)/

5.If you receive an acceptance letter, you start a job after employment paper work.


We don’t ask any fees such as registration fees nor placement fees. No money is needed to be introduced jobs.