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Strength of Procast Agency


A mother company of Procast-Asia, Procast Co., Ltd. arranges jobs for 1000 job seekers a day including group companies. From short term to long term, we will expand our business to deal more arranges.

27 year human resource experiences in Japan will enable us to provide established know-how here in Cambodia.


We have strong relationship with a number of enterprises. Some have advanced into Cambodia, others are planning to do so we often got staffing requests. Cambodia has great environment for foreign companies to advance, so Japanese seekers who would like to work in Cambodia are usually very welcomed. Because English is used in Cambodian business scene, those who would like to use English will match. Overseas-oriented seekers are very welcomed to applicate!


A pair of Japanese and local staff thoroughly support you so that you can seek jobs without any worries even if this is your first time to work in Cambodia or overseas.

We also support from a paper work to come to Cambodia from Japan to finding a job in Cambodia.

Industry Type

sales support assistant marketing  retails  transportation/logistics /manufacturing  sales
food related media  construction  engineering  medical related etc



Here is a flow from a registration to finding an ideal job.


1.Please register on internet or phone.

2.We ask your conditions and experiences
(Counseling : Other than E-mail or phone call, a person in charge from our Japanese office may ask you in person)
※Some jobs such as translators and drivers may need simple language test(English / Japanese).

3.We provide job-opening information which meets your conditions.

4.Those who has will to apply has first interview with a local staff then arrange an appointment of second interview with the company.
(Interviews are with Skype or WEB camera.)

5.If you receive an acceptance letter, you start a job after employment paper work.


We don’t ask any fees such as registration fees nor placement fees. No money is needed to be introduced jobs.